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Monthly meetings

Sunday 1st September (2pm)
Mike Kirk
Mundane Charts
and the Post WW2 Economic Order

We will look at the incipient overhaul of the world economic order by way of:

  • The Bretton Woods chart, EU chart, UK chart, and especially the USA chart for their Pluto transit (243 years return).
  • The 84-90 year cycle and the 72 year cycle for USSR (see you Mr Putin in 2026)
  • Currency and debt cycle and its coming re-ordering (Jupiter square Neptune and Uranus in Taurus.)
  • Echoes of the 1930s.

Mike has sent through these links for you to look at beforehand if you wish:
Brexit prediction
Excerpt from Andre Barbault's book

Sunday 6th October (6.30pm)
AGM and Hamish Saunders

Sunday 3rd November (7pm)
Fern Mercier


Class with Colleen

Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place 
The Quincunx and the Yod—that mysterious finger of God. 
As an aspect the quincunx, a.k.a. the inconjunct, stands in a class of its own. It does not have the status of a traditional aspect because unlike the opposition, square, trine etc it was not classified by Ptolemy; instead it was discovered, invented or introduced sometime in the early 17th Century by Placidus de Titis, the same Italian monk who gave us the house system that bears his name. Of course, this also means that the quincunx doesn’t fit into the slot of Addey’s modern or minor aspects as do those of the 5th 7th and 9th harmonic.
So just how important is this aspect of 150 degrees? Some astrologers don’t consider it worth the time of day while to others it may well be the mainstay of a chart delineation. It joins two planets (points) that are five signs apart and have no affinity by element, mode or gender—Charles Jayne referred to it as the aspect that asks people to reconcile the irreconcilable. Perhaps the quincunx is the one aspect that you really must experience to understand its importance—if you don’t get experience natally you will by transit and progression.
The confusion with the quincunx doesn't stop with a single aspect—take two and add a sextile and you have a Yod—the wonderfully mysterious finger of fate. This configuration sounds impressive but what does it really mean?
Nothing in astrology is created equal, no two quincunxes are the same, and the meaning of one Yod does not replicate in the next. So, this class will look at as many combinations of sign and different planets as we can manage, and we will start with your chart and your specific combination. And just to add some glamour, we will throw in the odd fixed star if it is applicable.  
I look forward to this one, the quincunx is close to my heart!
Date: Sunday 14 September 2019
Time: 1 pm – 4.30 pm
Venue; 119 Queen Street, Northcote Point
Fee: $40 per class—includes charts, handouts and afternoon tea
Registration essential at your earliest please :-)
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phone 09 418 2349 mobile 021 0444 911