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  Sunday 2nd June (2pm)
Mala Mayo
Astrology and Kinesiology

Mala will share with you some of the ways that she combines astrology with Kinesiology and other modalities in her therapy practice. With her background in movement and bodywork, she has a longstanding interest in grounding the insights gained from astrology experientially. We will look at some of the aspects currently challenging us and Mala will show some ways to help release stress, restore and maintain integrity and work with these energies during challenging times, to help turn discord into harmony.

Please bring a printed copy of your natal chart to the talk.

Sunday 7th July (2pm)
Colleen Coffey
Starry Starry Night

We are told that a bright and glorious fixed star shining on a planet or point can enhance a life; it may bring fame, fortune, or bestow upon an individual an impressive talent or a particularly endearing disposition, just as a less favourable star can hinder progress even to the point of despair. Unlike the planets, which we can all identify with, the fixed stars are individual and for the most part unique to one chart—one life story. What happens when you take one particular group of people; is there any correlation, any form of link from one to another through the fixed stars?
This talk takes a selection of the most influential artists of all time to see if there is any star connection one to another. Is there such a thing as ‘artists stars’ and if not, how do their particular stars impinge on either their life story or their individual talent.  

Sunday 4th August (2pm)
Rozlyn Noble

Sunday 1st September (2pm)
Graham Ibell 

Class with Colleen

Neptune: Diffusing the Diffuser

An in-depth look into astrology's most confusing planet.
More details next month.

Date: Sunday 21 July 2019
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Please note: no class in June