Introducing AFI
 A place to meet with fellow astrologers, to talk astrology and to learn from the lectures of those more experienced, who give so willingly of their time.
Who we are
The Astrology Foundation is an incorporated non-profit society for all who are interested in astrology, based in Auckland, New Zealand. We hold monthly meetings that start with a social gathering followed by a formal lecture. Meetings are friendly and hospitable, speakers are knowledgeable and newcomers are always made to feel welcome. You will find a schedule of our meetings, with details of dates, times and our address here.
AFI, as it is usually known, was spontaneously conceived by Owen Redwood Avis, Mark Griffin and Hamish Saunders of Astrology House on 7th November 1983 at 11:47am NZDT in Auckland. Read more about our history, including information on our first meeting and incorporation here.
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Our Objectives are  
  • To promote and encourage the practice and study of Astrology.
  • To facilitate and conduct seminars, workshops, lectures and social occasions.
  • To regularly publish the New Zealand Journal of Astrology (AFI Journal).
  • To encourage and co-ordinate the efforts of members to undertake astrological learning      and research.
  • To maintain standards in astrological learning and practice.
See you there soon.