Here are some links to websites that members enjoy.
New Zealand
Astrology Correspondence School:
Carol Squires ~ New Zealand astrologer and teacher. Offers astrology courses by correspondence and weekly classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Personal consultations, including natal, annual forecasts, relationship compatibility.
Astrology House:
The developers of the acclaimed New Zealand astrological software program, Janus Astrology Software.
Tarot Aotearoa:
Fern Mercier ~ New Zealand astrologer and tarot reader. Offers astrology and tarot services and courses. Consultations in person or by phone.

Wellington Astrology Centre:

The place to head to in Wellington for astrology lectures and classes.


Astrological Association:
The leading British astrological society. It has a bi-monthly journal as its main publication, a shop where you can buy recordings of recent conferences, a blog and other resources.

One of the best, largest and most visited astrology web sites.
THE site for birth data. Need a birth time? Check here first.
Astrology weekly:
Exceptionally comprehensive web site.
Astrology weekly forum:
Multi topic forum with many well informed contributors.
Benjamin Dykes:
Prolific translator Ben Dykes is well versed in Traditional Astrology.  He  features some articles & interviews with himself on his site.
Bernadette Brady:
Some great articles from Bernadette, and it is worth following the links to her Visual Astrology newsletters too.
Charles E.O. Carter:
A site dedicated to the life, work and memory of Charles E.O. Carter.
Constellation of Words:
Anne Wright’s site has a wealth of information on the Constellations, Fixed stars, myths associated with them and writings from early authors on these stars.
Diana Rosenberg:
Rob Hand called Diana the world’s foremost authority on fixed stars. It is worth checking out the comprehensiveness of her book. If you have time, the 60 page interview with Diana is really well worth reading too. Diana died in 2012 but her work lives on.
Electional Astrology course:
Follow the links for the Electional astrology course.
Eric Francis:
Eric Francis writes some very good articles and blogs most days.
Gryphon Astrology:
An excellent site for the modern and traditional astrologer. Also has  some fabulous pictures and portraits.
John Frawley:
John’s witty articles from the Astrologers Apprentice are still available here. It’s worth following the links to his new site, RealAstrology for current happenings with John, and his facebook page is definitely worth a visit too. There you will find extracts from his coming books. 
Marjorie Orr:
Marjorie Orr has internal link to politics and celebrities – situated next to free daily horoscope tab. Also has items on current events.
Mountain Astrologer:
Web site for this very popular astrology magazine.
Nancy Somers blog:
Follow the link to Nancy’s blog for well written insights  into current world affairs.
The National Council for Geocosmic Research is a very large US based astrology organisation. It publishes a good journal twice yearly.
Predict Weather:
This is the very interesting site of our fellow kiwi Ken Ring. Ken shares some interesting perspectives on all matters to do with weather.
Raymond Merriman:
Financial forecasting by Ray Merriman.
Renaissance astrology:
One of the best for those who like medieval with a bit of magik.
A great resource for traditional astrology with good articles & links for ancient texts.  Sue writes an excellent blog as well.   
A fabulous 5 star site by Deborah Houlding.
Soul Healing:
An invaluable resource for learning about astrology software from Hank Friedman. There is also a wealth of astrology there too, and some free lessons from Hank as well.
StarIQ Home Page:
Rick Levine's web site with good articles by other people, including Robert Hand. Jeff Jawer, StarIQ's co-founder, died in February 2015.
It has become a reliable source for a wealth of astrology information. Well worth checking out.
World Astrology Network:
Dorothy Kovach’s interesting site and blog on traditional and Mundane astrology. Worth a look.
World of Wisdom:
Has some very interesting articles by Adrian Ross Duncan.